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Creative journalling, AKA wellbeing at your fingertips

A creative journal is a very popular and easy approach to personal development. It was developed by Anne-Marie Jobin from Quebec, who is an art therapist and has written various books on the topic. Although there are some similarities, this new, widely accessible approach takes journalling even further by using concepts from psychology and combining the benefits of art therapy and creative writing.

So how do you create your own creative journal? What do you need to start? What are the benefits of art therapy? We've got all the answers you need!

What is a creative journal?

Writing is a powerful art form – a way to express our ideas and emotions. However, sometimes words are not enough to express exactly what we are feeling, which is why the creative journal combines writing, drawing and even collage. There are no limits or rules to follow because this personal and unique journal gives you the chance to express yourself with an open heart.

You can let your ideas, emotions, thoughts, drawings and memories run free with this journal. It is crucial to really let yourself go to experience all the benefits of this method. The creative journal is just for you, and you alone, which means there will be no judgement from anybody else and the result does not matter. It's the process that counts.

Reasons to use your own creative journal

To de-clutter your mind

There are many benefits to creating your own journal. First and foremost, it's good for de-cluttering your mind. When we write down our thoughts, jot down ideas, doodle or sketch, it helps us to see things more clearly. When we have to make important decisions or find ourselves in difficult situations, it is often essential to take a step back, and the creative journal becomes an invaluable tool for doing so.

To reach your creative potential

Give yourself the best chance of reaching your creative potential using this original technique. Whether you draw shapes at random or write down the first words that come to mind, you will be able to access your full creative potential. Whatever colours, shapes or words you enter into your journal, simply let yourself go and you'll see the magic of creative journalling unfold.

To get to know yourself and better express your emotions

Art therapy helps you to look inwards and glean a more in-depth understanding of yourself. Like meditation, a journal enables you to reconnect with your emotions and discover words or drawings that represent the real you. It's like meeting yourself for the first time!

To relax

By allowing yourself to express your ideas, emotions or desires on paper without really thinking about it, you will come to realise that your body is relaxing, slowly but surely, and that the stresses of daily life are evaporating. It allows you to take some time out, recharge your batteries and truly look after yourself.

To get your entire brain working

Finally, by combining the different skills of writing, drawing or collage, you will stimulate every part of your brain. This will allow you to access your deepest intuition and subconscious thoughts.

Who is it for?

Despite what you might think, a creative journal is not just for creative types. In reality, it's a personal development tool that can work for everyone. You don't need to be a good writer or an excellent artist to get started. The only thing you need to be is yourself.

Like meditation, a journal enables you to reconnect with your emotions and discover words or drawings that represent the real you.
What do I need to get started?

The basics of creative journalling


Of course, you will need a notebook or a journal. Next, you'll need pencils, pens, nibs, fibre-tipped pens or even scissors and glue for collages could be useful. To set you on the right path, we have selected a variety of tools that will be valuable allies to help bring your own creative journal to life.


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On your pencils, get set, draw!

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