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DIY in the spotlight

All things homemade are in style right now, and the trend is encompassing everything from interior design to announcements, everyday objects, greetings cards and birthday cards. Workshops, courses, tutorials and podcasts are popping up everywhere, providing inspiration and explaining how to get started with DIY.

Do It Yourself, also known as DIY, is more popular than ever, but what started the trend? Immerse yourself in this creative hobby and a universe of endless possibilities!

What is DIY?

More than just an entertaining hobby, the new wave of DIY gives its practitioners the chance to nurture their artistic side and create their own everyday objects like furniture, beauty products or even personalised ornaments for the house. It's a fun approach, ideal for designing unique and original ornaments that you won’t find anywhere else.

This movement is not a particularly new phenomenon, with its roots found in the 1960s in the United States. A hippie community that wanted to combat consumerism with a more sustainable vision created its own publication, which was a mix of advice, images, articles and small announcements made using only what they had to hand. This community was proposing an alternative vision of modern consumption.

The hobby lets your imagination run wild and unrestricted and in doing so, your mind develops a multitude of new ideas, each one more original than the last.

The benefits of DIY

The reasons behind the current DIY trend are quite interesting. We are always pressed for time and it is so much easier to go to a shop and make a quick purchase. So why are more and more people deciding to take the time to do things themselves? Here are what we think are the advantages of this fun pastime!

A question of pride

Whether it's a recipe, some home improvements, a decorative item or a painting, when you create something yourself it instils a great sense of pride. It is also a chance to share what you have created with your loved ones, who might then decide to try their hand at DIY too.

Unique items for you or for friends
Birthdays and the festive season are often synonymous with stress and last-minute shopping for presents. We seek out inspiration for original ideas, sometimes without success. This year, why not try to create something homemade to surprise the ones you love with a personalised gift?

Guaranteed entertainment
DIY develops your creativity in an unexpected way. The hobby lets your imagination run wild and unrestricted and in doing so, your mind develops a multitude of new ideas, each one more original than the last.


Cutting down on costs
Buying a DIY kit with all the equipment you need does mean some up-front investment. But once you have all the basics, you end up spending less than if you had bought something brand new.


Finding original ideas

When you start creating, you might feel a little lost. People often don't know where to start, what to buy or how to find interesting ideas. To help you get going we have created easy tutorials that you can follow on our YouTube channel.

My Memory Game
My Souvenir Box
My Jungle Pot

My Animal Crew

My Playful Mask
My Moodboard
My Gift Wrapping 
Adventures await!

We have put together some suggestions for equipment – a kind of starter kit – that would be useful when starting to create your own homemade ornaments.


Neocolor really is the must-have product. These wax oil pastels are economical thanks to their high pigment concentration, they have many uses and are suitable for all media and materials such as paper, glass, wood or cardboard. They are water resistant and have a wide range of applications, making them perfect for all your future creations!


The second generation of wax oil pastels stand out due to their water-soluble property and the high pigment concentration, enabling you to create large flat tints of colour. Try them on paper, cardboard, wood and even stone; you will be amazed by the many drawing possibilities they offer and their ultra-bright colours.


This practical set of brushes with different sizes of tip fits neatly into your bag or your luggage when you're travelling. When the mood strikes and when an idea pops into your head, they will be your best friend for exploring techniques such as gouache, pastels or watercolours. You can take them anywhere you go!


This palette is quite simply a marvel. It is a perfectly-sized accessory to take with you on your travels, And thanks to its two sides with their different textures, you can transform colour pencils and pastels into paint in no time at all.

Starter kit

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