The Caran d’Ache x HEAD prize celebrate 10 years of creativity SUPRACOLOR; a 10 artist residency at Halle Nord

The Caran d’Ache x HEAD Prize is celebrating its 10th anniversary. To mark this decade of support offered to young local talents, the Geneva-based company and HEAD (Haute école d’art et de design, Geneva), joined forces with Halle Nord to invite 10 artists to participate in an artists’ residency in the art centre located on I’lle in the heart of Geneva. Entitled SUPRACOLOR, this artistic endeavour honoured free creativity and has culminated in a group exhibition.

For the past 10 years, the Caran d’Ache x HEAD Prize has supported young local talents

Caran d’Ache has always been a keen supporter of Geneva’s local artistic scene, and in particular young talent. Inaugurated in 2011, the Caran d’Ache x HEAD Prize demonstrates tangible proof of its long commitment to nurturing artistic and social development. Each year, the two institutions have the pleasure of honouring a young graduate working with visual arts or visual communication and illustration for the quality and originality of their work. 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of this prize and is testament to its crucial support of artists studying at this centre of excellence

SUPRACOLOR, an artists’ residence in partnership with Halle Nord

To mark this decade of collaboration between Caran d’Ache and HEAD, Geneva, the two institutions, together with the Halle Nord art centre, have invited the ten winners to participate in an artists’ residency entitled SUPRACOLOR. Taking place across three and a half weeks, the participating artists were: Lorraine Baylac, Popy MatigotElorri Charriton, Jeff Délez, Gaëtan Bhend, Ambre Verschaeve, Marie Mottaz, Karine Deluz,  Louise Ducatillon and Oriane Safré-Proust.
Reflecting Caran d’Ache’s desire to always foster and nurture creativity, the residency has been held in honour of free artistic expression.
The entire Halle Nord centre, from its walls, windows and floors, has been entrusted to the ten artists participating in the residence. The young and emerging talents were given free rein to use their brushes, pencils and rich imagination during three whole weeks to develop new works in situ.
© Aurélien Fontanet / © MichelGiesbrecht

About the 10 winners

Ambre Verschaeve

A French illustrator displaying a resolutely youthful style with detailed and colourful creations, Ambre Verschaeve initially trained at the Atelier de Sèvres in Paris before honing her skills at HEAD, Geneva, where she obtained a Bachelor’s in Visual Communication with an option in illustration in June 2018. Since then, the artist has worked as an illustrator with Caran d’Ache on a regular basis. In particular, she provides creative content which can be found on the website and presents product demonstrations. She also organises workshops for both children and adults. .

Elorri Charriton

Elorri Charriton is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer who graduated from HEAD, Geneva. Her work primarily focuses on editorial design, and she designs for media, on walls, across various formats and occasionally organises workshops. In 2018, she co-founded “humains”, a review devoted to the topics of health and society. Drawing is a resolutely personal affair for Elorri. Her creations give us a feeling of airy forms ready to float up from the ground into the sky, shifting from the organic to the mineral. She portrays physical, human, sensual and natural landscapes: from our absolute certainties to our shining chimeras.

Gaëtan Bhend (né Stierlin)

Born in Madagascar in 1985, Gaëtan grew up in Switzerland. Interested in drawing from childhood, he trained as a graphic designer in visual communication before obtaining a Master’s in Media Design at HEAD, Geneva. His training helped him develop interests in the fields of editing, formatting, binding and screen printing. While cherishing traditional production techniques, he enjoys experimenting and discovering new means of production. From packaging through web design to programming, his fields of activity are constantly evolving in step with the projects he participates in. An assistant in visual communication at HEAD, Geneva, Gaëtan also devotes his time to independent remits. His objective is to create strong ties between individuals and to foster the creation of original projects on a human scale.

Jeff Délez

It was during his CFC graphic design training at the CFPA and his Bachelor in Visual Communication at HEAD, Geneva that Jeff Délez developed a love not only for graphic design, but also, comic strips which showcase his graphic and narrative skills, alongside his vision of sequences. At present, he is focussing on a course in Art History to complement his artistic and theoretical knowledge.

Karine Deluz

Karine Deluz was born in Geneva in 1995. She is currently studying in WORK.MASTER (Master’s in Contemporary Artistic Practices) at HEAD, Geneva. Her mediums span painting, drawing, and installations. Among other things, her current research deals with how to translate everyday life, the vision of the extraordinary in the ordinary and domestic language.

Louise Ducatillon

Louise Ducatillon was born in Geneva in 1991. She now lives and works in Paris. Her works are peopled with a whole host of subjects between whom she weaves an elliptical narrative. She collects objects, details and textures that she comes across by chance. These elements are then compared to one another, tenderly mishandled to become the very source of her paintings and drawings.

Lorraine Baylac

Born in Bayonne in 1994, Lorraine Baylac is a contemporary artist who lives and works between Kyoto, Seoul, London and Geneva. A graduate of WORK.MASTER (Master’s in Contemporary Artistic Practices) in 2019, she explores her environments and patterns through the media of drawing, sculpture, installation and action with a view to countering or complementing the forms of disseminating and transmitting concepts while creating singular forms of community.

Marie Mottaz

Born in 1994, Marie is a graduate of HEAD, Geneva. She initially viewed the world, society and herself through the lens of photography. She would then transform her photographs by different means before ultimately moving towards drawing. Her work explores and plays with the limits of our means of perceiving, visually and through representation. Her creations ask to what extent do we recognise? To what extent do things come into focus?

Oriane Safré-Proust

Oriane Safré-Proust was born and lives in Paris. A graduate of HEAD, Geneva in 2014 and a professional illustrator, she uses drawing as a common thread across different disciplines such as tattooing, embroidery and sewing.

Poppy Matigot

Popy became an illustrator after graduating from HEAD, Geneva in Visual Communication. She works with media publications and children’s publishers, as well as for certain brands. Her field of exploration is commensurate with her vivid imagination, calling on both digital and traditional media (painting, watercolour, colour pencils, embroidery) to create works swinging between poetry and fantasy. Her fun, cheerful and colourful world is an invitation to travel, giving free rein to our imagination and emotions.

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