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    • FIBRALO® Brush - 15 colour assortment

      FIBRALO® Brush - 15 colour assortment

      £ 29.99
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    • FIBRALO® Brush - 10 colour assortment

      FIBRALO® Brush - 10 colour assortment

      £ 19.99
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    • FIBRALO® – 10 colour assortment

      FIBRALO® – 10 colour assortment

      £ 17.99
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    • FIBRALO® - 15 colour assortment

      FIBRALO® - 15 colour assortment

      £ 25.99
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    • FIBRALO® - 24 colour assortment

      FIBRALO® - 24 colour assortment

      £ 43.99
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    • FIBRALO® - 30 colour assortment

      FIBRALO® - 30 colour assortment

      £ 57.99
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    Fibralo® Brush and Fibralo® are two artistic tools which can also be used to complement one another. The tip of the Fibralo® Brush is like a brush – supple and perfect for large flat surfaces and flowing lines. The rigid tip of the Fibralo® is very practical for precision and detailed works which require more static lines. These two fibre-tipped pens can be used for sketching, drawing, colouring and calligraphy.


    The Fibralo felt tip is a high-quality water-soluble fibre-tipped pen, guaranteed against the ink drying out. The colours are bright and transparent. To obtain a watercolour effect using the Fibralo fibretipped pens, you don't need a palette; simply use the moistened tip of the pen directly on white paper to create the desired effects.


    The Fibralo® Brush felt tip is the ideal artistic tool for anyone seeking the qualities of both a fibre-tip and paintbrush. As a premium Swiss Made quality product, it enables its fans to enhance their creativity. With a range of artistic and ultra-bright colours based on food colourings, the ink in this fibre-tip pen is water-soluble and therefore suitable for children aged 7 and over to use independently. The fine artistic quality brush tip is certainly surprising. It is supple and bends and folds before springing back to its original shape to enable the user to create unlimited thick and fine lines in an instant.


    The Fibralo® assortments are developed and manufactured in the workshops of the Maison Caran d'Ache in line with the requirements of the Swiss Made label and environmental standards.

    Swiss madeSwiss made

    Our colour and writing products are manufactured in our workshops in Geneva since 1915.


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