Caran d'Ache ambassador for the Graphite Line 

A self-taught lover of drawing, Diego Fazio first focussed on creating Japanese-style tattoos, developing a precise and refined technique.
However, this artist – who is now internationally renowned under the name DiegoKoi – soon discovered the delicacy and beauty that each shade of black can offer.

His work is hyper-realist and focuses in essence on drawings of the body. Mixed with different materials and textures, he creates works that straddle the real and the unreal, blurring the line between photography and drawing. His spectacular artworks have won him many prizes and have been exhibited the world over.
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  • I draw several hours a day so I use professional tools such as Grafwood pencils, ideal because of the unique quality of their graphite and their incredible duration.
    Nina COSFORD, Royaume-Uni
    Nina COSFORD, Royaume-Uni
    Caran d'Ache ambassador for the Supracolor Soft line
    Nina Cosford splits her time between London and Hastings and is a tireless globetrotter who never goes anywhere without her sketchbook. She is a talented illustrator who depicts the eccentricities of the modern era such as the little problems of daily life through brightly coloured characters. She is often featured in magazines thanks to her inimitable style that is both colourful and full of humour.

    Her work is now also used by some of the world’s biggest brands. However, Nina Cosford also puts her talent to work on topics that are close to her heart, having created numerous books celebrating renowned female figures.
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  • I like how easy it is to use Supracolor Soft. A very complete range of colours and great versatility. A little extra: the body colour coordinated with the lead colour, ideal in a large kit.
    Heather ROONEY, États-Unis
    Heather ROONEY, États-Unis

    Caran d'Ache ambassador for the Luminance 6901 line 

    Heather Rooney is fascinated by the challenges of photorealism and has worked tirelessly to perfect this technique with an ever more meticulous eye for detail.

    During her university studies in Boston, she developed a passion for portraits using colour pencils. Today she is bringing her work to a new audience thanks to social media.

    The young artist has been showcasing her talent for several years by publishing sped-up videos of her entire creative process.
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  • I like to work with colours. The high concentration of pigments in Luminance 6901 pencils and the wide variety of shades offer vibrant designs with intense colours.

     Ruben BELLOSO, Espagne
    Ruben BELLOSO, Espagne
    Caran d'Ache ambassador for the Pastel Pencils line

    A graduate of the Seville University of Fine Art, Rubén Belloso is an artist of superlatives. He has received repeated awards from his city and faculty and also at individual and collective exhibitions in every continent, and he possesses a talent without equal for rendering shapes, shadows and materials in the purest tradition of pastels.

    By giving his works, and in particular his portraits, a hyper-real dimension, Rubén Belloso is today elevating this ancient art form to true perfection, with a touch of modernity that has made him one of the greatest talents of his generation.
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  • Pastel pencils have a unique intensity and great covering power. Simply the best in the world. After all these years, I am still amazed by all their possibilities and their 84 colours.
    Jon MONNARD, Suisse
    Jon MONNARD, Suisse
    Caran d’Ache Haute Écriture ambassador 

    For his first book Et à la fois je savais que je n’étais pas magnifique [And suddenly I knew that I was not outstanding] which was published in 2017 by Éditions L’Âge d’Homme, Jon Monnard successfully combined wonderful literary flair with a critique of youth of today. Lauded by both the press and his peers, this young author entered the literary scene to great acclaim.

    Today, with the support of a grant to promote the creative arts, he has launched a project dedicated to the American novelist Francis Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda Sayre, who was sectioned in Switzerland in the 1930s. Caran d'Ache is supporting this project by making Jon Monnard its Haute Écriture ambassador.
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  • When I was a kid, I used to dream about Caran d'Ache pencil boxes. Today, I am proud to represent this prestigious Maison, present at every stage of my life; a pencil for a drawing and then a nib to dedicate my novel.

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