Caran d’Ache on board Solar Impulse

Caran d'Ache and Solar Impulse - specialised partner and official supplier of pens for the two pilots

Caran d’Ache gets involved in the fascinating adventure of Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse is making history, with a little help from Caran d’Ache. The iconic Swiss brand will be involved in this fascinating adventure for two years as a specialist partner. As part of this initiative, the Geneva-based family business will become the official supplier of the pens used by the two pilots. A big favourite with travellers because of their incomparable writing quality and high resistance to atmospheric pressure, these writing instruments will mainly be used for making entries in the precious logbooks.

A sharing of values and promising future developments

As a specialist partner, Caran d’Ache now enjoys the tremendous privilege of counting Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg among its brand ambassadors. The mutual appreciation which exists between Solar Impulse and Caran d’Ache is based on three shared values: a spirit of innovation, “Swissness”, and a strong commitment towards sustainable development. This wonderful relationship is set to flourish further with a focus on more technical developments, particularly research into the kinds of high-tech components and materials needed to produce innovative pens.

Caran d’Ache: a Proustian madeleine for Bertrand Piccard

Bertrand Piccard speaks about his close affinity with the brand: “We share the same values, such as Swiss quality, family traditions, and a striving for perfection. Both Caran d’Ache and Solar Impulse want to make people dream, share their vision, and provide inspiration.” He even made a little confession: “Caran d’Ache – a bit like Proust’s celebrated madeleine – takes me right back to my school days. Besides, I still write everything by hand today. You feel a real connection between your emotions and the actual paper.”