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Year of the Snake

Tribute to Chinese culture

A symbol of ancestral knowledge, beauty and earthly learning, the sinuous snake in the Chinese zodiac slithers its all-encompassing precious curves around the body of the “Year of the Snake” fountain pen or roller pen.

The refined elegance of the engraved design reveals the warm golden scales emerging effortlessly from the depths of black Chinese lacquer, creating a supremely nobly contrast. The snake theme – a favourite in the field of ornamental aesthetics – is thus masterfully interpreted in its purest form by artisans from the Maison Caran d’Ache, in tribute to Chinese culture and artistic crafts.

In this precious work, the Geneva-based Manufacture combines the symbolism of the serpent with its considerable technical expertise, its wealth of creativity, along with a commitment to quality and patience in the mastery of Chinese lacquer.

The “Year of the Snake” Limited Edition is the sequel to the earlier series devoted to the sign of the dragon and is part of the thematic line that the master craftsmen of the Maison Caran d’Ache are devoting to the twelve figures representing the signs of the Chinese zodiac.

Limited Edition

Launching 2013


888 fountain pens
888 roller pens


– Gold-plated fittings
– Black Chinese lacquer and gold-plated engraving
– Body engraved to reveal the Snake
– Rhodium-coated 18-carat gold fountain pen nib (M, F, B)
– “Chinese lacquer” in Chinese engraved

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