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The most famous symbol of the Alps

The alpine spirit and its most famous symbol, the Matterhorn peak, are profoundly anchored in Swiss culture. The pyramid-shaped summit with its sharp edge unceasingly attracts mountain lovers eager to climb its rocky faces.

Towering at an altitude of 4,478 metres, the Matterhorn is the highest peak in Switzerland. Surrounded by pastoral landscapes, the outermost tip of the Alps of Valais has become the hallmark of Switzerland.

The Maison Caran d’Ache pays tribute to the legendary peak by creating exceptional “Matterhorn” writing instruments, which embody its symbolic values. The body of the fountain pen is covered in grey lacquer as a reminder of the dense colour of the rock. In contrast, an ornamental cage in rhodium-plated silver, depicting the idyllic landscapes of the alpine region, is overlaid on this background. The peak of the Matterhorn features in relief cut out against the cap, while the body of the pen reveals the silhouettes of chalets, pine trees, goats and a Swiss flag.

The delicacy of this achievement is reminiscent of the art of traditional silhouette paper cutting. The designers of the Maison Caran d’Ache have transcribed alpine language into a figurative clip in the shape of a cowbell. The tip of the cap is decorated with a gentian flower, sculpted in black onyx.

In the ultimate tribute to Swiss symbols of identity, the “Matterhorn” is available as a limited edition of 1291 numbered fountain pens, in commemoration of the year the Swiss Confederation was founded.




1291 fountain pens


– Body: anthracite grey lacquer
– Rhodium-coated solid silver cage and attributes
– Cap crowned with a gentian carved in black onyx
– Rhodium-coated 18-carat gold nib

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