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La Rindyà

Tribute to the "désalpe" celebration

The Maison Caran d’Ache pays tribute to Swiss tradition through a theme designed to revive the memory and culture of its emblematic regions. Following “La Poya” and the “Matterhorn” in its limited edition series, “La Rindyà” writing instruments reveal one of the most picturesque Swiss folk celebrations, linked to alpine traditions.

Rites and customs connected to the mountains are rooted in Swiss tradition. Life here is punctuated by the seasons, by the spring climb of the cowherds to the mountain pastures where they spend the summer, and by the désalpe, the descent from the pastures in autumn. At this time, the greenery of the alpine pastures becomes the scene of one of the most glorious folk parades: La Rindyà. This term, which originates from the Fribourg area, describes the festive processions during which flowers and bells on embroidered leather straps decorate the cows, which begin the long descent down to the plains in autumn. The sound of bells fills the valleys. The armailli (herdsman) wears traditional clothing recreated for the occasion. The facades of alpine chalets display painted scenes and sculpted friezes representing the merry processions.

The art of figurative engraving

The master craftsmen of the Maison Caran d’Ache have decorated each side of the body of this writing instrument with an engraved narrative frieze. In tribute to La Rindyà processions, the achievement of these miniature friezes is reminiscent of the delicacy of the art of traditional alpine silhouette paper cutting. Hand-applied black lacquer makes the figures engraved on a carefully polished metal background covered in platinum stand out. The delicately engraved silhouette of the Moleson is featured on the writing block of both the fountain and roller ball pens.




1291 fountain pens
1291 roller pens
1291 ballpoint pens
In tribute to the historic date of the founding of the Swiss Confederation


– Body: platine, engraving completed by hand with black laquer
– Fittings coated in platinum
– Clip delicately engraved with the Swiss flag
– Writing block decorated with a fine engraving of Le Moléson
– Rhodium-coated 18-carat gold nib
– Chest of solid Swiss beech wood

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