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La Poya

Tribute to Swiss tradition

Swiss tradition, art and culture and its emblematic regions have inspired the craftsmen of the Maison Caran d’Ache to create a line of writing instruments dedicated to rites, customs and ancestral symbols. “La Poya” limited edition pays tribute to the original celebration of the spring climb to the mountain pastures.

Every spring, the greenery of the alpine pastures attracts the herds of cows to the celebration known as La Poya, which takes place during the spring ascent to the pastures where they spend the summer. This term, which originates from Fribourg, describes the long procession of cows and wagons laden with equipment required to collect milk and make cream and cheese in the mountains. The cows are decorated with flowers and bells on leather straps embroidered with edelweiss and the name of the owner of each herd. The armailli (herdsman), wearing new traditional clothing, leads the procession. The facades of the alpine chalets are adorned with friezes that are painted or sculpted in wood, depicting the joyous ascent of the processions.

The art of silver sculpting

The master craftsman of the Maison Caran d’Ache have transcribed the language of traditional sculpture into a delicate relief covering the entire body of the writing instrument. In tribute to La Poya processions, the frieze carved in solid rhodium-plated silver is reminiscent of the art of traditional alpine silhouette paper cutting. The black lacquer body of the pen provides a background to detach the figures visually. The tip of the cap reveals one of the purest alpine symbols: an edelweiss sculpted and set in its centre with a sparkling diamond.





2002 fountain pens


– Body: black lacquer
– Rhodium-coated solid silver cage and attributes
– Edelweiss on cap crowned with a diamond
– Rhodium-coated 18-carat gold nib

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