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The invention by Caran d'Ache

This is the first time that a writing instrument has been linked to the celestial vault, the laws of astronomy and the history of time. The Caelograph limited edition, created by Caran d’Ache at its Geneva Manufacture, stems from the technical excellence and the taste for original inventions cultivated by the in-house artisans. This ingenious instrument was designed for admirers of science and for all those who take the time to stop for a moment to gaze at the stars at a given time and place.

Available in three materials and three basic latitudes, Caelograph is equipped with astronomic position functions that are manually adjustable, like historical instruments for measurement and navigation. A silent show of the constellations adorns the body of the fountain pen and roller pen. The light of the stars is symbolised by night blue Chinese lacquer scattered with silver particles and in some versions, set with diamonds.

A rare one-of-a-kind variation designed for a seasoned collector has been created in solid pink gold set with 22 diamonds. Its piston ink pump, housed in a golden barrel, is crowned with a diamond. Born of a sense of poetry and rare technical precision, Caelograph revives our ancestral ties with the stars and their role in the development of science and art.

Limited Edition

Launching 2012


Edition Alpha
Platinum-coated trim
Per latitude 45°N / 30°N / 20°N / 30°S / 20°S / 0°:
120 fountain pens
120 roller pens

Edition Sirius
Gold-plated trim
Per latitude 45°N / 30°N / 20°N / 30°S / 20°S / 0°:
52 fountain pens
52 roller pens

Edition Zenith
Solid rose gold
Per latitude 45°N / 30°N / 20°N :
Unique piece

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