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1010 Limited Edition

Ten minutes past ten...

Designed and developed by the Maison Caran d’Ache in its Geneva workshops, the 1010 Limited Edition pays a precious tribute to Swiss watchmaking culture. It epitomises ten minutes past ten – the time when the hands of watch are in a position of perfect equilibrium. The roots in excellent workmanship, mechanical creativity and the quest for beauty are the bridges that naturally connect the ancient art of watchmaking with that of the finest writing instruments, created for nearly 100 years in the Manufacture Caran d’Ache.

The exceptional 1010 pens encompass the codes of Haute Horlogerie. The interwoven wheel trains sculpting the body of the pen with its elaborate details evoke the working parts of watch movements. The fine miniaturisation, the extreme attention to finishes on every millimetre of material, as well as the use of transparency, are all reminiscent of the hand-made skeletonised masterpieces that are the pride of great master watchmakers from Swiss valleys and mountains. Like watchmakers, the master craftsmen at Caran d’Ache have extended the 1010 collection to encompass three worlds: those of refinement and transparency for classical tastes and for Haute Joaillerie; and that of dynamic contrasts and matt finishes for the more sports-minded.



1010 Gold Edition (2008)
10 foutain pens

1010 Silver Edition (2008)
500 fountain pens
500 roller pens

1010 Chrono Sport Rose Gold (2010)
10 fountain pens
10 roller pens

1010 Chrono Sport (2010)
500 fountain pens
500 roller pens

1010 Diamonds (2010)
Unique piece

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